Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5, 2011

I hate eating in a bad ventilation restaurant! Because it makes my clothes smell like a burnt food... YUCK!


  1. "you should use daia. daia have special formula that...."blablabla

    tip for occassion like this (or riding on a 2-stroke kapcai's) is: wear a jacket.

    Or ask one from the host (?). This is how...

    Back when I was a student, i like to 'tegur' the owner of the kedai by asking for a big black thrash plastic bag.

    Then I tear off the edges and make a shirt out of the bag and wear it. This way, the smell don't stick to my fresh shirts.

    So I can wear it more than thrice..

    Hei...I was only a student (with limited resources)

  2. GADISBUNGA : Wieeeeuuuuuuuu!

    IRWAN : That '2-stroke kapcai's' masih lagi ditunggang mat sempit sampai sekarang!

  3. Salam Yob, U are rather fotogedik...ehh photogenic. Serius Yob. My sincerest compliment!

  4. MOH K : Photogedik? Haha! Boleh pinjam that word? Boleh pakai ni... i like it!