Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Another cool looking plants... Their pole-like roots that arise from the trunk spreading into the water. Was it Mangrove or something? Huh... this reminds me... I hate science...!


  1. hello gedek how you?
    fisrt i didt publish our comment yet
    without our autorization.
    do you want me to publish?
    you got a beautifull family.
    i dont get homesick beacause i go to
    4 to 5 times a year,
    but i miss them.
    kids i lost 1 about 5 years ago
    but life go on.
    i am working hard here in uk to take
    some money back to portugal so
    more kids not right now but i do want to try again.
    all the best gedek CHEERS!

  2. RUI : Oh, I don't mind... you may publish my comment.. go ahead.

    Why don't you share with me your family picture back in portugal....? I really want to see them! Dont forget your brother in UK too...