Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

The blank wall is slowly eating my soul... I'm blank...


  1. After my daddy told me about your blog, i should have done the same concept of my blog since my first day of birth (27 No 2008). But i think it's never too late to start it now as i was 6-month young yesterday. If I need to pay the copyright/royalty fee (cuz i copy your concept...hehehe...), please ask from my daddy (you know who)! My daddy said your blog is cool Uncle Gedek! Keep it up. But why black?

  2. MYRA : Oh my god! You're so cute! Always smiling! Royalty? Hahaha! No such thing! Why black? Black is beautiful... don't you agree?

    Keep on 'snapping' and don't stop your blog, OK?

  3. hey!! blank is simply beautiful. It means PEACE! It has very zen feel....(perfect time for muhasabah diri), right???

  4. You are so generous Uncle Gedek. Hope to see you one day, and let you kiss me in return. Hahaha... (don't tell my daddy). Black is beautiful...? Ohhh... no wonder my daddy likes black too. He just got a new black City. Well, do visit my sister's blog when you are free at

  5. NANA : You are always right! "Make Peace not War!"

    MYRA : Black rules! But... some say "white is the new black" ( Now you know why my car is white...! )